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Marathi, official language of Maharashtra is most widely-spoken language in Nagpur. Varhadi dialect of Marathi is spoken in and around Nagpur city. Hindi is also widely spoken in Nagpur. Due to its central location Nagpur has become a cosmopolitan in nature with large amount of residents from neighboring states of Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh. In 2001, the urban population was 2,129,500, and there were around 410,000 households in the city. 7,26,664 people lived in slums making Nagpur second most slum populated city in Maharashtra after Mumbai. Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes accounted for around 25% of the population. The sex ratio was 936 females per 1000 males. Around 99.4% of the population was engaged in non-agricultural activities, attesting to the overwhelmingly urban character of Nagpur city. The city's main jail is the Nagpur Central Jail. According to 2006 survey of National Crime Record Bureau Nagpur has the highest crime rate of 470.6 in Maharashtra as compared to other mega-cities of the state.The number of migrants to Nagpur from outside Maharashtra during the 1991-2001 decade was 2.1 lakh making Nagpur 4th most favored destination in state.